Three Comedy Shows

Three Times the Fun!

Get your tickets for the 3 shows [ The Italian Chicks|Frank Spadone|The Uncle Louie Variety Show ] at the amazing price of $99.00...
April 15th | September 24th | November 4th

Danny Aiello’s Italian Chicks…

Cara Amore, Maryann Maisano and Gianna Messina

Three dynamic, multi-talented women hit the stage with a celebration of food, family, memories and Italian tradition. Whether you're Italian or not they will have you roaring with laughter.

Saturday, April 15th - 8:00pm

Johnny Peers & The Muttville Comix

...the personality-plus dogs are back!

Slapstick comedy like no other. Johnny Peers (A graduate of Ringling Clown College) is back by request! You will marvel as he leads a dozen dogs through hilarious hijinx!

Sunday, April 16th at 2:00pm

Joe Avati

When I was your age...

Australia's best comedian returns to his favorite venue...where else but Arlington's Show Place of Entertainment!

Friday, June 23rd - 8:00pm

The Uncle Louie Variety Show

Lou Greco and Carlo Russo

Making people laugh for years with their characters and sketches while bringing back memories of growing up Italian!

Saturday, November 4th - 8:00pm

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