The Adventure Film World Tour comes to Boston

Jun 14, 2011

The Adventure Film World Tour comes to Boston

Journey into the imagination at the Adventure Film World Tour Show premiering
June 21-22, 2011 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Massachusetts. Kayak from
Australia to New Zealand through the most dangerous stretch of ocean on Earth,
then navigate through Russia’s monster mosquitoes, ferocious grizzly bears and
decommissioned soviet helicopters to find mouse-eating Rainbow trout, and
discover Kabul’s unique cultural wonders while riding a skateboard through its
narrow, crooked streets. Dedicated to all aspects of adventure, this year’s festival
premieres the most exciting and inspirational award-winning independent films from
around the world that ignite a passion for travel, discovery and change.

Presented by Patagonia, this two-day festival features over 10 high caliber films
handpicked by the Adventure Film Selection Committee from 140 entries submitted
from 12 different countries via snail mail, email, Vimeo, YouTube and Yousendit.
The eclectic lineup features exploration, surfing, climbing, biking, skiing, as well as
films that tackle environmentalism, global awareness, and social issues. There will
also be a generous raffle provided by Patagonia, Black Diamond, La Sportiva,
Charles River Canoe & Kayak, and other local sponsors in Boston.

After our main festival in Boulder, Colorado this year, Adventure Film hosted two
successful, sold-out shows in Chamonix, France and Santiago, Chile for the third
year in a row. Adventure Film will carry on the 2010 award winners to audiences
across the nation during our World Tour.

With thousands of attendees across the country, the Adventure Film Festival
continues on with the support of filmmakers, sponsors, non-profits, partners,
volunteers—all adventurers—who believe in the message: “Make your own

Adventure Film is partnered with Leave No Trace, an international non-profit
dedicated to conscious recreation and environmental education. Adventure Film
and Leave No Traces missions and direction have coincided to promote “Activism
through Adventure.”

The Jonny Copp Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities to bring creative
expression and adventure to life. They offer grants, outreach programs, exhibits,
and a forum that stimulates individual creativity, intellectual promise and the spirit of
adventure. The goal is to enable individuals to realize their full potential while
creating positive change for themselves, and others around the world.

Adventure Film was created in 2004 by the late, great Jonny Copp, as well as,
adventurers, filmmakers and artists wishing to spread the creativity, enthusiasm,

and activism inherent to outdoor adventure. Adventure Film celebrates, supports
and ties in with those who wish to inspire and fire the creative kilns of
transformation and awareness.

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