Regent One of Boston’s Top 5 Accessible Live Performance Venues for Families with Special Needs

Jan 15, 2014

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We take our family out to concerts in the Boston area almost every weekend, and my eight-year-old son, Ivan, is in a wheelchair and totally blind. Accessibility is very important to us!

Below you’ll find my rundown of our favorite accessible theaters and live performance venues in the Boston area. I share pros and cons based on a multitude of special needs because I realize that the criteria for what’s accessible will be different for each family. Some kids are in wheelchairs, some have sensory issues, some have hearing or visual impairment and all will react differently in different environments! Find one that looks like a good match for your family and give it a shot! Remember, if it doesn’t work out you can always leave. No big deal.

The Regent Theatre in Arlington

Regent Theatre is our favorite spot for music, hands down. It’s a classic theater space and smells like movie theater popcorn, which can be a wonderful cue for kids plugged into scents. They also keep the house lights on during shows which is great for children with low vision who can get nervous in the dark. Everything is on one level in the theater and they have large open spots in the back of the theater for wheelchairs. The chairs in the back can be moved so if you need extra space just let them know and they’ll make an area for you.

The Regent also has a very large bathroom in the back of the theater (with a changing table) that’s great for families or kids that need more room.

The team at the Regent is extremely accommodating and understanding. If you need something special or different, just ask! We bring a large group to the Regent every year for our holiday party and they are always happy to welcome us back!