Internationally Renowned Dance Company Bellyqueen To Premiere “Journeys Along the Silk Road”

Mar 10, 2011

Internationally Renowned Dance Company Bellyqueen Dance Theater To Premiere New Work “Journeys Along the Silk Road” Friday, March 18, 8pm at Arlington’s Regent Theatre

The internationally renowned world dance company, Bellyqueen Dance Theater is proud to bring
their newest evening-length theatrical production entitled “Journeys Along the Silk Road” to Boston,
Massachusetts to be premiered at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Friday, March 18 at 8pm. Guest
Artistes / Boston performers will include Ombellyco, Shakima Laila, Lindsey Feeney, Johara Snake Dance,
Aslahan, Tempeststarii-Tribal, Phaedra Rose, and Za-Beth.

For thousands of years, the Silk Road was the crucial link between East and West, a trade route that
allowed merchants from Asia, Europe and the Middle East to exchange ideas, goods and culture.
Bellyqueen Dance Theater invites you to witness what may have been, through an exciting historical
adventure. Featuring mesmerizing dances of Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and China, you
will take a journey through time and space, and experience the Silk Road uniquely re-envisioned with a
modern twist.

“Journeys Along the Silk Road” combines spectacular entertainment with educational elements, with
many of the choreographies drawing inspiration from either historical evidence, traditional dance steps
or both. The show opens with a dramatic presentation about the creation of silk; the Pharaonic burial
ceremony was inspired by the evidence of Chinese silk found in the hair of a mummy dated 1000 BC and
the Saidi choreography incorporates steps from traditional male stick dances from upper Egypt.

Through its commitment to both tradition and innovation, to artistic integrity and creativity, Bellyqueen
Dance Theater is proud to present their unique and passionate vision of the Silk Road.

About the company:
Bellyqueen Dance Theater is a successful New York City-based world dance company, founded in 1998
under the artistic direction of Kaeshi Chai. Drawn together by their passion for Middle Eastern dance,
the artists of Bellyqueen come from a wide range of nationalities and dance backgrounds. By fusing their

individual influences, the company creates exciting multicultural performances that utilize
traditionalelements as a base for modern theatrical performance art that inspire audiences of all
backgrounds genders and ages. The Bellyqueen repertoire encompasses a wide range of Middle Eastern
dances, from the traditional “Raks Sharqi” bellydance format to folkloric styles, blended with other
dance forms including ballet, modern, jazz, gypsy, flamenco, Chinese, Afro-Haitian and hip hop.

Bellyqueen has won critical acclaim for their unique vision, impressive body of work and commitment to
high-quality productions. Over the past 12 years, the company has completed extensive tours in the US,
Canada, Europe and Asia, made numerous television appearances and been well received by the press.
In 2007 and 2009 it released full-length performance DVDs, The Bellydance Experience and Bellydance
NYC, as well as several successful instructional DVDs.

Educating the public about the benefits of bellydance and its healing powers, particularly for body
image, self-esteem and self-expression is an important element to the mission of this company. In order
to serve this goal, the Bellyqueen School of Dance has been established, and ongoing classes in NYC as
well as numerous workshops all over the world are offered and open to the general public. By creating
a safe learning environment, Bellyqueen teachers help people rediscover their bodies, gain greater
control over mind and limb, and also demystify this often misunderstood dance form.

“Journeys Along the Silk Road” will be presented by Bellyqueen Dance Theater at the historic Regent
Theatre—“Arlington’s Show Place of Entertainment”—7 Medford Street (off Mass. Ave.) in Arlington
Center on Friday, March 18 at 8pm. Reserved seats are $17 in advance and $20 day of show. The
Regent Theatre is MBTA and handicap accessible with free parking in a municipal lot across the street.
For tickets and more information, visit or call 781-646-4849.

Contact information:
Kaeshi Chai - (917) 515 0168 , .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)