Hendrix celebrated at Arlington’s Regent

Nov 15, 2012

By Margaret Smith/msmith@wickedlocal.com
Wicked Local Arlington

What if Jimi Hendrix had lived to celebrate his 70th birthday? What would he have made of the impact of his music over these past decades? What more might he have brought to the prodigious body of work he left behind at his death in 1970 at age 27?

There will always be questions, but also answers – as his catalogue, technique and enigmatic life continue not only to make their mark, but also to inspire others to find their own groundbreaking musical and artistic paths.

To celebrate, the Regent Theatre in Arlington is hosting a slate of events – including two films, and a tribute concert – to honor Hendrix’s spirit and legacy and the 70th anniversary of his birth on Nov. 27, 1942.

Two recent documentary films chronicle Hendrix’s concert mastery.

But what would Hendrix festivities be without live music? The theater will feature a concert tribute with Berklee College’s Berklee’s Thaddeus Hogarth Trio and special guests, as well as a performance by the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra—now playing a series of shows at the theater—with Hogarth as a guest.

Hendrix’s innovations resonated long after him, along with the folklore, fables and mythology that sometimes cast a shadow over a popular culture icon whose ghost still rises.

And he’ll continue to be remembered in debate, stories and yes, song. But in these upcoming events, those who love him and his music can mark his birthday milestone, even if no one can hold a candle to him.

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