The Lonely Seal

International Film, Screenplay and Music Festival

Proud to announce that the festival has been chosen to present one of the prestigious, Cinema Without Borders awards in August.

August 20th thru 25th

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We will showcase thought-provoking cinema, including spotlights on Women, LGBTQIA, Disablility, Minority, and Indigenous creators and their stories. We’ll also present Comedies, Dramas, and much more. If you’ve got a story “aching to be told,” we want to experience it. The week-long festival is characterized by live music, screenwriting/stageplay events, career-enhancing seminars,  and celebrations that are all vital components. Additionally,  we will have screenings in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in the United States and internationally in Paris, France, scheduled for 2024. We are a “Top 100 Festival” on FilmFreeway, and our Five-Star Reviews put us in the top 1% worldwide.

Tap the poster below for more information.