Adventure Film Festival

Feel the power of nature in an international celebration of Adventure and Environment!

Tuesday June 21, 7:00PM

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Tickets: General Admission, $18 (Or Buy a 2 Day Pass for $30 Here)
phone/online orders include additional service charge

Adventure Film mobilizes the finest 2010 award winners, bringing them to life on the big screen in venues around the world. Audiences will travel through the lens with the world’s foremost adventure filmmakers, stirring contemplative and emotionally charged journeys within.  As an international community of risk takers, provocateurs, artists, dreamers, athletes, and activists…every year the international Adventure Film selection committee chooses the best new outdoor adventure and environmental activism films from around the world. Award winners in nearly a dozen categories are selected. They cover risks both mighty and absurd; tap the fringes of the unknown; and portray those experiences that bring us to the edges of our seats with our hands over our eyes or our fists in the air. Feel the power of nature in an international celebration of Adventure and Environment.

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Tuesday Schedule:

On January 11, 2007, Andrew McAuley set out on his quest to become the first person to kayak from Australia to New Zealand across 1600km (1,000 miles) of one of the wildest and loneliest stretches of ocean on Earth. Thirty days later, New Zealand maritime authorities received his distress call. Having survived a harrowing and torturous month at sea, conquering monstrous swells and terrifying storms, McAuley lost his life only a day from completing his journey. While his body was never recovered, the camera tapes from his kayak were and they form the basis of this moving and questioning portrait of a complex man, his family, his supporters and his attempt to conquer the impossible.
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Forgotten on the Roof of the World

This multimedia documentary tells the story of a little-known tribe of Kyrgyz nomads in one of Earth’s most remote regions - Afghanistan’s High Pamirs mountains. Leading the viewer through this struggle and survival, of opium addiction and infant mortality, French photographer Matthieu Paley and American anthropologist Ted Callahan narrate the film in word and image. Their documentation covers the tribe’s unique barter trade with a small community in Pakistan, as well as their routines and traditions at home in Afghanistan. Beneath the surface, the documentary addresses one of humanities most elementary themes - homeland - giving a global context to the story of a seemingly insignificant forgotten tribe.
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As It Happens
Telling the story of adventure is never an easy task due to the harshness of the environments encountered on expeditions. Films about exploration are most often produced in an atmosphere far removed from the reality and soul of the experience. In January 2010, Renan Ozturk and Cory Richards boarded planes bound for the Everest region of Nepal. Their goal was to establish a new alpine climb on Tawoche (21,320 ft.), and to tell the story as it unfolded…from the field. Using social media, their story was followed by over 100,000 people in real time. These are their dispatches - the story told “as is happens.”
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Desert River

Every spring in Haines, Alaska, a river bulges and rages towards the sea, fed by the thawing of a massive mountain snowpack. These same mountains fuel the hunger of those willing to test their skills against the desolate white beauty of Alaska’s high desert—giving life to river and skier alike.
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Skateistan: to live and skate in Kabul
Fazilla dreams of representing her country at an international sporting event when she grows up. The only catch is that she is a skateboarder and lives in Afghanistan. Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul is a beautiful 16mm film that tells the story of two young skateboarders from Afghanistan and their search for escape from the brutalities of war through skating. This film follows Skateistan and its founders as they document their daily struggle to break down social, gender, and ethnic barriers between the children of a war-torn country.
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Power in the Pristine
Patagonia is one of the few places on the planet with untouched and undiscovered corners still remaining.  Yet, at this very moment, its rivers and wild lands are under attack. Big business seeks to choke two of the region’s most pristine rivers with mega-dams and plans to decimate unique forest ecosystems to build the longest power line in the world. Follow Team Rios Libres led by professional athlete, Timmy O’Neill and luminary writer, Craig Childs on their journey from the source of the Baker River to the sea. Filled with inspiring imagery, compelling interviews and a bit of adventure, you’ll gain an understanding of how this huge hydroelectric scheme would forever change the face and character of the area and why we must act now to Keep Patagonia Wild. (20 min)
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