A Table of Our Own

Prophet and Assassin Productions presents...

A groundbreaking documentary that delves deep into the heart of the psychedelic movement from a unique perspective: Black people.

Wednesday, March 27th - 7:30pm

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All tickets bought for this event are for GENERAL ADMISSION seating.
If you need reasonable accommodation such as wheelchair accessible seating….
...please call our Box Office: 781.646.4849
Wheelchair Accessible seating is Available

Doors Will Open for Seating at least 30-Minutes prior to the start-time.


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There is no elevator access to the balcony.
Requires climbing several flights of stairs.



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Doors will open for seating at 6:45pm…

Currently, the Balcony will not be open for seating at this performance.

Get ready to embark on a educational journey with this cutting-edge documentary that delves into the heart of the psychedelic healthcare movement from a Black community’s perspective. You’ll be invited to venture into the hidden realms of the psychedelic experience as you witness the Black community’s untold stories, struggles, and triumphs within this transformative movement. From underground rituals to actual practices, “A Table of Our Own” is an eye-opening exploration of the psychedelic world that you’ve probably never seen or been aware of before.


This screening event is for everyone who seeks to understand the power of psycho-active substances and their potential to shape our common future. We have challenged existing narratives and this film provides an inclusive space for dialogue in understanding and weaving together the diverse voices of the psychedelic community. With unapologetic honesty and fearless exploration, A Table of Our Own ignites a powerful conversation about race, identity, spirituality, and the profound impact of psychedelics on the individual and society at large. It’s a raw and unfiltered look into the lives of those who have been marginalized, pushing the boundaries and demanding change. This is more than just a documentary; it’s a call to action. Join us on this electrifying ride of self-discovery and social transformation as we dare to reimagine our relationship with these mind-expanding substances and create a world where healing and understanding know no bounds.