Tribute to Jim Morrison & The Doors

Special Guest: Kate Russo's PIECE OF MY PEARL Janis Joplin Tribute

Friday, November 15th at 8:00PM

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[Beer & Wine Available to those 21 and Over with Proper I.D. Only]



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...for Friday, November 15th at 8:00PM



Special Guest: Kate Russo’s PIECE OF MY PEARL Janis Joplin Tribute

Through The Doors is a multimedia celebration of Jim Morrison and The Doors touring since 1980. This re-creation of the sound, look and “feel” of an actual Doors concert is so complete, it never ceases to startle even the seasoned crew. And it starts right away: In the darkened theater, well before the band has taken the stage, anticipation runs hot and the chanting for “Jim” begins. Perhaps it is the audiences’ overwhelming desire to experience a true “Resurrection” that fuels the flames. Or, attribute it if you must, to a legend that survives, even grows, some 40 years after the mysterious death of James Douglas Morrison and the dissolution of his band.
Even now The Doors’ albums continue to sell and Jim’s face still appears on the covers of magazines, film, television and radio. They serve up the “Lizard King” on a daily basis, and still the masses pay homage in droves that surpass even the dizzying heights of the band’s popularity when still “alive”. And yet, a Through The Doors performance goes far beyond the simple duplication of a concert that would have been standard late 1960’s fare.

This performance is more akin to a Broadway show or Vegas Extravaganza – seasoned professional actor/musicians utilizing sound, staging, lighting, and projection equipment that audiences have come to expect. The effect is electrifying and the response has been phenomenal, as their longevity alone can testify to.  So, sit back in your seat (for as long as you can), and get ready to travel through the doors of perception, traverse space and time on a psychedelic, mind expanding dance-trance!  Ladies and Gentlemen: Through The Doors!