The Man Who Laughs (1928)

Just in time for Halloween! This creepy silent film thriller inspired the look of Batman's nemesis The Joker! With live accompaniment provided by Jeff Rapsis

Wednesday, October 25th at 7PM

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RUNTIME: 110min


This is GENERAL ADMISSION screening event.
If you or someone in your party requires seating accommodation…
...please call our Box Office: 781.646.4849
Doors Will Open for Seating 30-Minutes prior to curtain…


ALL SEATS: $12.00 (In-Advance)

...Friday, October 25th at 7:00PM




The DINNER and a Show EXCLUSIVE OFFER is available for this show!







Gwynplaine, son of Lord Clancharlie, has a permanent smile carved on his face by the King, in revenge for Gwynplaine’s father’s treachery. Gwynplaine is adopted by a traveling showman and becomes a popular idol. He falls in love with the blind Dea. The king dies, and his evil jester tries to destroy or corrupt Gwynplaine.
The silent film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s historical novel about a man cursed with a permanent carnival-freak-like grin on his face. The make-up job for actor Conrad Veidt inspired the look of Batman’s arch-nemesis the Joker!














Directed by Paul Leni, who pioneered the visual style used in Universal Studio horror classics such as 1931’s Dracula and Frankenstein. See it if you dare!