“The Angry World of Brian Webster”

(World Premiere Screening Event)

Offbeat look at an unemployed & emotionally-crippled filmmaker & his band of eccentric, under-motivated friends.

Thursday, February 7th at 8:00pm

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[All tickets bought for this event will be for GENERAL ADMISSION seating]

***WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE Seating Is Available***
If you need reasonable accommodations, please call our Box Office: 781.646.4849

Doors Will Open for seating 45-Minutes prior to the screening


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[Day-of-Show Price: $15.00]

....Thursday, February 7th at 8:00pm



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The Angry World of Brian Webster (Feature)
An offbeat look at an unemployed and emotionally-crippled filmmaker and his outrageous band of eccentric but under-motivated friends.(Running Time: 104 Minutes)

Destroy All Sisters (Short)
Two sisters trade outlandish slapstick pranks as their cousin, a neutral bystander, tries not to get caught in the middle of the onslaught.(Running Time: 15 Minutes)

The Angry World of Brian Webster – WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING

For the first time anywhere, we are proud to present the inaugural public screening of “The Angry World of Brian Webster”, the comically imaginative debut feature film from writer-director Jim Heffernan.

“For almost a year, the effects of Brian Webster’s failure to complete his no-budget horror movie have been taking a toll on everything from his romantic life to his professional responsibilities. In a last ditch effort to help him get back on his feet, his eccentric but well-meaning friends are going to take him on a journey that may either restore his spirits or destroy what remains of his sanity.”

Film entirely in the Boston area, this offbeat comedic underdog tale features humorous performances from a skilled ensemble including stars Chris Goodwin (“Truth Cocktail”), Zach Gillette (“Sheep Skin”), India Pearl (“The Inhabitants”), Nathaniel Cook (“Parts Unknown”), Christina Kostoulakos (“Sweeney Killing Sweeney”), and a variety of talented up-and-comers from New England and across the country.

This one-night-only presentation will include a special introduction by the director and a screening of the short film, “Destroy All Sisters” (15 min.) preceding the feature and a brief Q&A with select members of the cast and crew following the film.

For Mature Audiences Only. Contains language, humor, and subject matter that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.