Sister Kate Revisited - 2017 Tour

...with special guest opener, Marina Evans & Bernardo Baglioni

A rare opportunity to be at one of Kate Taylor's exciting live shows, that she's so famous for!

Wednesday, November 8th at 7:30PM

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This is a RESERVED SEATING performance.
If you or someone in your party has a request for seating accommodation…
...please call our Box Office: 781-646-4849 for assistance.

PERFORMANCE to follow at 7:30PM



...Wednesday, November 8th at 7:30PM




“DINNER and a SHOW” is available for this performance. Call the Box Office for your vouchers at 781.646.4849 or click below for more info…







Kate Taylor released her first album, “Sister Kate”, on the Atlantic Records’ Cotillion label, in 1971. In the early summer of 1969 Kate went to London to visit her brother James Taylor who had just finished recording his first record.  It was on Apple Records, the Beatles’ newly formed label. James introduced Kate to his producer Peter Asher, of the famed singing duo Peter and Gordon.  Peter was now producing records for the Beatles. One day James and Kate were invited to an afternoon gathering at Peter’s country home outside of London.  In the yard was an ancient and empty swimming pool made of stone.  They went down into that pool and sang some of the songs that they had worked up together over the years. Kate left London and came back home to the States.  A month or so later, Peter called her on the phone, told her he was moving to Los Angeles and invited her to come to California to make a record.This was a heady and fertile time to be in Los Angeles.  The musicians gathering in that town at that time were energetic, talented and creative, and Kate and Peter made many friends.  As the record was being recorded,  wonderful musicians contributed their talents and songs to it. Carole King, Linda Rondstadt, James, Peter, Elton John, Danny Kootch Kortchmar, and John Hartford were among the many artists who contributed songs, musicianship, or both to Sister Kate. The record was released and Kate went on tour.  The first single off the record was an Elton John tune entitled “Country Comfort” from his newly released first album; Tumbleweed Connection
























Kate Taylor was born in Boston and raised up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has a life surrounded by music, art and wit. Her father, Dr. Isaac Taylor, was a professor of medicine and Dean of the UNC Medical School at Chapel Hill.  He had the soul of a poet. Her mother, Trudy Taylor, was a singer and an artist and crafts person.  Her brothers, Alex, James, Livingston and Hugh, are musicians, songwriters, performers and sailors. Kate sang as a youngster and had her first combo at 15. She recorded her first album; Sister Kate, in 1971 with Peter Asher.  Her second album; Kate Taylor, was produced by her brother James for Columbia Records.  Her third record; It’s in There and It’s Got to Come Out, was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and produced by Barry Beckett, the keyboardist in the famed Muscle Shoals Sound rhythm section. After starting her family, her performing schedule changed as she took time to raise her daughters. Her daughters are now launched and Kate is once again bringing her original songs and her favorite covers to her beautiful audiences. Her most recent albums include Beautiful Road and Fair Time!





To this day, as Kate travels to perform, her audience continues to let her know just how much they love Sister Kate.  Often they appear with their copy of the now 46 year old record for Kate, at long last, to sign. Get ready for Sister Kate Revisited...










Marina [Marina Evans] & Berna [Bernardo Baglioni] are an international folk/americana duo with roots on both the U.S. east coast and in Italy. Their unique sound combines Marina’s background as a jazz vocalist with her penchant for traditional folk americana with the gritty blues inflections of Bernardo’s slide guitar or the subtle stylings of his mandolin. The pair’s live performance is tight but organic, earned and refined over many years spent together on the road, the stage, and in the studio. They will be debuting new material off Marina’s forthcoming album “Tide and Stars