“Laugh Now: A Perspective on Life, Liberty and the Holocaust”


...a story of strength, willpower, and determination at a desperate time in world history.

Saturday, Sept. 28th at 1:00pm

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This is a FREE Screening Event for All!

[Running Time: Approx. 45 minutes]

Doors will open for seating at 12:30pm…

Laugh Now is a story of strength, willpower, and determination in the pursuit of liberty during the Holocaust, as told from the perspective of Theofanis Orfanos, a Greek native who was captured by Nazi Germany forces at 15 years-old.

Theofanis’ childhood was disrupted by a Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany invasion of Greece in 1940, which left Greek citizens with no choice but to fight back. Theofanis joined his country in resistance, but at age 15, he was captured by Nazi forces. For 18 months, Theofanis was subjected to spirit-crushing conditions in a forced labor camp in Geislingen an der steige, Germany until he was able to make a daring escape. He returned to Greece to find that the people he fought with a year earlier had turned against each other, resulting in civil war that fractured the country. After 10 years, Theofanis moved to America, where he now lives with his wife and children. He is willing to share his story of hope and determination in the face of oppression for all those willing to listen.

Produced & Directed by Emilio Guido
Emilio Guido fell in love with movies as a distraction from life that grew into his focus as a student at Northeastern University where he has written, directed and produced two short films: Echoes of What Used to Be and Catch Your Breath. He met Theofanis nearly a year ago and after learning about his harrowing journey and the dwindling number of Holocaust survivors, Emilio knew he needed to help share Theofanis’ story with the world.