Direct from Argentina… FABRICIO RODRIGUEZ

Premiere Boston Performance!

Composer, Singer, and Virtuoso Harmonicist

Thursday, May 24th at 7:30pm

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Presented By Pena El Antigal


Fabricio Rodríguez, singer-songwriter and virtuoso harmonicist from Argentina, native of Villa María, Córdoba.

Self-taught of the harmonica, began its execution from his adolescence. His teachers and referents were Leon Gieco and Hugo Díaz. At age 20 he traveled to Buenos Aires to expand his musical knowledge and his ability to perform the chromatic and diatonic harmonica, playing different styles such as Folklore, Tango, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Country and Rock.

Throughout his career he has shared the stage with Alejandro Lerner, Abel Pintos, Leon Gieco, Javier Calamaro, Divided, Miguel Botafogo, Pappo, Juance (Paranoid Mice), Litto Nebbia, JAF, Ivan Noble, The Blacanblues, The Mississippi, Memphis La Blusera, among others. He also worked for international artists Bruce Ewan, Deacon Jones, Carey Bell, Holland Smith and Norton Buffalo, among others.

Along with his band Mr. Mojo, formed during the year ‘96, he made numerous performances in the interior of the country (Mendoza, San Luis, Santa Fe, Rosario, Cordoba, Santiago del Estero and Buenos Aires, among others). With an own style, product of the combination between Folk Rock, Alternative and Classic Rock, the group made, during the year 2000, a tour by the United States appearing in different cities such as: Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, Greenville, Nashville and Miami.

When he returns from his tour through the US, he goes to ION studios to record his first album, BASTA, this record comes to Leon Gieco, since Fabri had recorded the song of Santafesino ESOS OJOS NEGROS, together they sang that song in the festival of supporters clubs. villa maria, this event was televised by channel 7 for the whole country.

Fabri spent a lot of time traveling and nurturing different musical cultures to broaden his knowledge and that is how his interest in Celtic music was awakened and he entered the studio to record HILLS OF IRELAND and ROXBURG CASTTLE, two traditional celtic music themes, where I record not only harmonicas but also guitars.
During 2006 Colombia tours were held that ended with 15 presentations in that country.








This same year Fabricio was invited by León Gieco to participate in the 6 functions of his presentation at the opera theater in Buenos Aires, “15 Años de mi” in December, along with his band MR MOJO recorded his first live DVD in WORKS when he opened the show of the rosarina band CIELO RAZZO.

In 2007 Fabri enters the studio again to record a catalog disc of world music instrumental harmonica (NO MORE BLUES) with songs like CHEGA DE SAUDADE, OVERJOYED, BLACKBIRD, MACK THE KNIFE, WONDERFUL WORLD among others.

He started a promotional tour in 2008, in the USA, and appeared in several television and radio media, culminating in his presentation at Coral Gable - Miami.

In 2009, along with Javier Calamaro he toured Miami where he participated in the program of Fernando Hidalgo (Channel 41), and was interviewed by Edie Calderón (radio) and Mega TV among others. On several occasions, he was an artist of the Cosquín Rock together with León Gieco and he participated in the Folklore Cosquín with Abel Pintos. For his virtuosity and vertasilidad, he is permanently summoned by other artists, of different musical styles, to participate in his recordings.

As for his record production, Fabricio has edited 3 albums being the composer of the lyrics and music of each song. He also released an instrumental disc on harmonica (NO MORE BLUES) and has a live DVD.

In January 2009, Fabricio recorded 15 songs with the participation of artists Alejandro Lerner, Abel Pintos, Javier Calamaro and Andrés Giménez, among others; the album “El Mundo De Los Silencios” was made by the engineer Mario Breuer, in the studio “El Pie ‘