“Chet’s Last Call”

Documentary Streaming Premiere!

The critically acclaimed story of rock and redemption stemming from Boston's most notorious dive bar.

Available here thru September

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Premieres on Saturday, September 19th!

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About the movie…

Richard “Chet” Rooney is a legend in Boston. He is famous because of his dive bar and was well-known for living a life of excess. However, a man’s life should not be judged by the mistakes he made nor the rules he broke. Instead, by how he learned from those mistakes and passed those lessons on to others.
This is the tale of Richard “Chet” Rooney, a Story of Rock & Redemption

Featuring wild stories and performances by members of…
The Dropkick Murphy’s
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Human Sexual Response
The Neighborhoods
Limbo Race
Bim Skala Bim
The Gizmos
The Zulus
The Dogmatics
The Real Kids
Barrence Whitfield

and many more!