Billy Jonas—CD Release Concert for “Build It Back Again”

"...witty, smart, raw." – New York Times

Saturday November 1st at 10:30 AM

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CD Release Concert for “Build It Back Again”

General Admission $13 ($11 Kids and Seniors)


It’s Frank Zappa meets Pete Seeger!  •  It’s Parliament- Funkadelic and Spike Jones meet Mr. Rogers!  •  It’s Miriam Makeba and Igor Stravinsky meet Captain Kangaroo!

Throw out the rules when Billy Jonas hits the stage! It’s a musical conversation… a sonic celebration … a splendiferous gathering of old and young, because at a Billy Jonas show, the ensemble is… everyone.

Fun for All Ages
Billy Jonas is one of those rare performers who can engage and delight both young and adult audiences.  Billy’s clear tenor voice is well-suited to a plethora of venues, from intimate settings and workshop sessions to large halls and outdoor festivals. For more than two decades, his creative and interactive performances have enchanted and inspired folks from all walks of life — touching hearts, souls, and minds world-wide .  As a founding member of the acclaimed duo “The Billys,” Billy Jonas has made innovative use of “found objects.” He helps audiences discover the music within common items … and within themselves. Billy Jonas’ recordings and live concerts across the US and Canada have generated an enthusiastic following. His CD “What Kind of Cat are You?!” received multiple awards including a First Place/Gold from AFIM (American Federation of Independent Musicians), and a Parent’s Choice Gold.  Jonas’ videos have garnered critical acclaim, including Parents Choice Awards and a New York Times “Best” listing.

The Concert Experience
Billy Jonas’ music is percussion-based, making use of found objects (buckets, broom handles, bottles, key chains and more) as well as traditional instruments. But on any given day, the specific nature of this unforgettable neo-tribal hootenanny is largely determined and shaped by the audience. He tailors both his song selection and its presentation to suit the needs and vibe of each audience. So every Billy Jonas concert is a unique experience. He makes spirited, straightforward music that is accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of age or cultural background. The big-tent festival quality of Billy’s music facilitates connection and community while fostering inspiration and… most importantly… FUN. Billy Jonas has shared stages with many renowned artists, including Patti Larkin, Ani DiFranco, David Wilcox, Richard Thompson, and Pete Seeger. His upbeat, engaging presence (both onstage and off) encourages active audience participation. His concerts are a magical mix of stagecraft and wholesome, open-ended, anything-can- happen spontaneity. Official Website

GRAMMY award winner Alison Krauss says, “Billy Jonas’ talent and wit make him and his music irresistible. Whenever I see him perform, my face hurts from smiling.” And Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) testifies, “Billy Jonas is one of the most original, moving and simultaneously hilarious performers I’ve ever seen.”